Most of us take care of our face – from exfoliating to moisturizing to cleansing. But what about the skin on other parts of the body? The skin is the largest organ and it’s time for you to tend to it today.

One simple approach that you can add to your routine in the morning is dry skin brushing or simply dry brushing. There are plenty of reasons why you should start brushing your skin and the reasons extend beyond aesthetic purposes.

Key Benefits of Dry Brushing

Our skin has layers of cells, nerves, and glands – all of which protect us against harsh chemicals and temperatures. But only if you take care of your skin the right way. Good thing there is dry skin brushing that offers several benefits for your skin and your health:

1. Invigorate yourself.

One of the reasons why people start brushing their skin is because it feels good. You feel your skin become tighter and notice it glowing, encouraging you to feel good about yourself. It even relieves stress as this process is meditative, particularly if you brush your skin at a quiet place.

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Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system

2. Lymphatic system gets the stimulation it needs.

The lymphatic system functions as the eradicator of cellular waste products in the body. It has to work properly to collect wastes from the tissues and get rid of them; otherwise, you can get sick because of the buildup of waste and toxins. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, making this simple step as an excellent detox aid.

3. Kidneys and the digestive system become even more enhanced.

Just like the lymphatic system, dry skin brushing goes even deeper to support the organs in the digestive system as well as the kidneys.

4. It exfoliates skin.

Dry brushing is clearly beneficial to the skin. One of its uses is to remove dry skin as well as dead skin cells. This simple approach results to improved skin appearance, while clearing clogged pores.

5. It reduces cellulite.

If you have hard fat deposits below the skin, you can benefit from dry brushing as it evenly distributes those fat deposits. This leads to diminished cellulite.

With all those benefits, you surely want to start today. Use a high-quality brush with naturally made bristles that are medium stiff. Brush your skin as if you’re brushing your hair at least once a day. Make sure you brush daily or incorporate this into your morning routine to see the results.