Lemonade is a popular drink, especially during summer. As the name suggests, it comes from lemon, which is its main ingredient. Some people add sweeteners, such as sugars to lessen the acidity. Lemons are already considered one of the healthiest fruits around. Because it is a citrus fruit, it contains vitamin C among other nutrients.

When it comes to the juice version, lemonade is also healthy. Start squeezing some lemons today to get the following health benefits:

Prevention of Kidney Stones

According to a study conducted at the Duke University Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center, lemonade is effective in preventing kidney stones, particularly in people who are prone to them. As a matter of fact, the kidney stone center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison puts their patients on a lemonade therapy to help treat their health condition. It is said that drinking half a cup of lemonade every day can increase urinary citrate levels, avoiding the formation of calcium stones in the kidneys.

Treatment for Sore Throat

Many people use lemon juice to soothe their sore throat. You can also add honey to reduce the sourness. This is effective in removing or at least decreasing the discomfort you feel when your throat is inflamed.

Help for Weight Loss

If you are looking for a way to reduce your waist line, you can drink lemonade. This drink, thanks to the lemon’s pectin, can help you get rid of extra weight. Pectin is a soluble fiber that has many benefits, such as prevention of cancer. If your goal is to lose weight, this dietary fiber absorbs the water that enters your body and forms a gelatinous mass. This accumulation travels to your gastrointestinal tract without being digested. Once it enters the large intestine, it adds moisture to your stool and provides good bacteria to this part of the body. It also aids in controlling your appetite, making it effective for weight loss.

There is Aid in Lemonade, can you find it? / PicHelp
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There is Aid in Lemonade, can you find it? / PicHelp

Prevention of Cancer

As mentioned, pectin in lemons can prevent cancer. Other than the mentioned soluble fiber, the anticancer activity found in citrus limonoids that are also present in lemonade can fight the deadly disease as well. Citrus limonoids are compounds that stop your cells from getting damaged by various matters. This successfully removes the cancer cells and inhibits the formation of more of these cells.

During summer, drink lemonade not only to refresh yourself, but also to enjoy the benefits listed above.