Detoxing is a time-honored tradition proven to effectively help our body gets rid of the toxins it accumulated over time. It helps our organs, especially our liver, function optimally by filtering out and neutralizing toxins in everything we breathe, drink, eat and even apply to skin. It cleans up our body from the inside, helping us prevent chronic disease, enhance our immune system, slow down premature ageing, improve our emotional and mental clarity, and restore balance to our body’s systems.

So, starting today, make it a habit to detox every day. Here are 5 natural ways to do it and make it a part of your daily routine.

Hydrate Often

You are probably sick of hearing this advice again and again, but there’s one good reason this is often given – water comprised over 65% of your body. It is important to the function of many vital organs. It also helps the body flush out toxins through the sweat, urine and especially feces, which contains plenty of toxins.

Consider Dry Skin Brushing

Brushing the skin dry is found to be helpful in stimulating the lymphatic system in the skin, allowing it to release toxins better. So, before you step in the shower, take a dry loofah sponge and brush your body starting from your feet and working your way up to your heart.

Exercise Every Day

Your lymphatic system does not have a pump of its own to flush the toxins out. It is relying on you to get up and sweat it out each day and help it does its job well. So, hit it in the gym, take a jog or a walk, dance the Zumba, or whatever form of exercise strikes your fancy. You don’t have to go to extremes. Just pick an exercise routine you can do every day.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables Daily

We’re not suggesting that you completely go veggie, but make it a habit to at least eat a vegetable or fruit every day. Detoxifying foods like brocolli, spinach, cabbage, blueberries, ginger, apples and oranges contain high amount of vitamins and anti-oxidants that help your body eliminates toxins.

Enjoy a Deep Sleep

Sleep is a natural healer. During sleep, your body cleanses and heals itself, with the liver doing a lot of dirty work to purge all the unhealthy substances and chemicals you accumulated during the day. So make it a habit to sleep before 9 pm or 10 pm to enjoy deeper sleep cycles. Also, be sure to get up early in the morning so you don’t sleep though the hours when your body naturally wants purge itself of waste.