Hot showers are indeed quite relaxing, which is why you probably choose the warm temperature over a cold one – especially during a chilly morning. But it’s even worse if your water temperature goes from hot to cold, perhaps because someone else used up all the hot water or flushed the toilet before you’re done showering. Instead of getting ticked off, you should actually thank that person as this can be beneficial for your health.

First Things First – About Hot Showers

This may come as a surprise, but hot showers aren’t a necessity; they’re simply a luxury for people who can have them whenever they please. In the first century BC, the Greeks invented water heating systems to be used for public baths. It’s quite interesting though that they actually prefer bathing in cold water, particularly because it has health benefits.

With that said, does this mean that cold showers are better for our health than hot showers? The truth is that hot showers do have benefits for our health, but cold showers – the one that many people despise – have even better health benefits.

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Cold showers can help burn fat / PicHelp

Cold vs. Hot Showers

When you take a hot shower, here are the main benefits you can expect:

  • You get relief from muscle stiffness and soreness.
  • The hot shower steam can clear out your sinuses, which is useful if you have a cold.
  • Hot showers are obviously useful to get rid of a deep chill, especially if you’ve been out in the cold weather all day.
  • There are a number of studies that showed how hot showers can help a person de-stress by allowing the brain to release more oxytocin, a chemical that aids in easing anxiety and stress.

The benefits of hot showers are great, but here are the things cold showers can do for your health:

  • Cold showers can help burn fat by activating the type of fat in our body that stimulates burning of calories, so we can feel warm.
  • Showering in cold water after exercise can actually boost recovery.
  • If you want to be alert in the morning, just as if you just drank your cup of coffee, take a cold shower.
  • Showering cold water can also enhance your immune system and even improve your blood circulation, leading to less frequent sickness.
  • Unlike hot water, cold showers will not dry your skin. In fact, they can help improve your skin as they can reduce acne appearances and even tighten your pores. Cold showers are also great for your hair and scalp by closing your cuticles, so that dirt won’t accumulate on your scalp.

While it may not be appealing to take a cold shower, especially during cold months, the health benefits are definitely worth the little discomfort.