Detoxification is the process of eliminating harmful or toxic substances in the body. When you’re frequently fatigued, experiencing indigestion, and getting constipated a lot of times, these could signal that your body is screaming at you for a full body cleanse. Your body will tell you whether or not it is in dire need of detox; you just have to look for the following signs:

1. Insomnia: If you can’t sleep at night, this may mean it is time for you to get a full body cleanse.

2. Lethargy: Since you can’t get enough sleep, you may be lethargic throughout the day. It may have been days since you last went jogging because it has been difficult for you to get up every morning. You can regain the lost energy by detoxification.

3. Stress: Sometimes, stress hinders your ability to sleep soundly. It can also be a sign that you need a full body cleanse. Remove toxins, such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar to start reducing stress from your system.

4. Mental Fog: If you can’t seem to concentrate and you can’t seem to keep up with a conversation, you’re probably experiencing brain fogginess.

5. Weight Gain: If you are overweight, this could signal that you have a toxic body. This is because you may have loaded it with preservatives, junk food, and alcohol. Start detoxifying to eliminate these harmful toxins and get back into shape.

6. Body Odor: You pass gas more frequently than normal; you have bad breath and you stink. These are signs that you need to detoxify, especially if you take care of yourself, but it does not seem to help.

7. Indigestion: If your stomach is bloated and you feel like you are pregnant, this could be a sign of indigestion. Frequent indigestion problems call for detox help.

8. Depression: if you’re not happy and you can’t explain why, your body may be telling you it is full of toxins. Note that your mood can change when you eat the wrong kinds of food.

You can start detoxification by means of juice cleanses where you use fruit juices and vegetables. You can also use nut milks, seasonal soups, and warming teas for your juice cleanse. There are many of these juice cleanses that you can buy at your favorite stores today and you can choose the number of days for cleansing.

Another way is through DIY full body cleanse where you give up meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, soy, and processed foods for three days at the very least. If you think your body has too much toxins, go for a two-week detoxification process.