Beware of diabetes!

Diabetes has always been a major concern in many countries worldwide. For those who have been diagnosed with the disease – whether it is type 1 or type 2 – one of the most important things to do is to maintain blood sugar levels.

However, this is easier said than done as many people find this an ongoing struggle. This does not mean it’s impossible though; as long as you keep close tabs on your diet, controlling blood sugar is achievable.

Some of the treatments and solutions can already be found in your kitchen.

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Herbs and spices can help diabetics keep blood sugar levels on the normal level, particularly if a healthy body weight is maintained. Here are the best spices that you can add to your shopping list:
  1. Cinnamon: Several studies have already proven that this spice can lower blood sugar levels. Although more research is needed, cinnamon’s phytonutrients can effectively decrease inflammation – one of the causes of diabetes. Plus, it also aids in weight loss.
  1. Basil: One herb you should add to your pantry is basil. It is not only fragrant, but it can also lower blood sugar because of its high flavonoid content.
  1. Chamomile: This herb does not just lower blood sugar levels, but it also prevents complications due to the disease. Chamomile does so by removing excess sugar in the blood and transferring it into the liver instead. Additionally, it calms you down.
  1. Cumin: Here’s one spice that you should start adding to your dishes. Cumin can lower both blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is recommended to diabetics because it has a positive effect on advanced glycation end products, which are lipids or proteins that are harmful to the body.
  1. Turmeric: This is related to cumin, but turmeric has gained popularity because of several studies that support its many uses for our health. One of these uses is its ability to lower blood sugar. It is a potent spice for preventing inflammation, particularly signals that are overactive in diabetes, including cytokines.
  1. Cayenne: If you’re looking for something spicy, don’t overlook cayenne spice. Because of its heat, it can increase the body’s metabolism upon ingestion. As a result, burning fat becomes much faster and easier. Cayenne not only reduces blood sugar levels, but also blood cholesterol and formation of blood clots that can harm the body.

Herbs and spices when consumed on the regular can aid in fat-burning, while stabilizing blood sugar levels. Because they have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, they could beat some medications since they don’t cause the immune system to react unlike the over-the-counter drugs.