It is a fact that caffeine is not only the most used, but also the most abused drug on the planet. It is quite interesting that many people disregard it as a drug and would believe themselves into thinking it is natural. The only natural thing about caffeine is that it is naturally occurring in some substances, including the very popular coffee and tea.

Some people cannot go through the day without drinking coffee. But if you’re looking for other choices for being more alert, physically and mentally, especially when starting your day, here are the best alternatives for caffeine that can increase your energy levels without the drug:

1. Do some stretching.

If you’re feeling sleepy, remaining seated is not the way to be alert. In fact, sitting is considered a health hazard, so get up from your chair and start stretching. You don’t have to do stretches that are quite complex. Basic ones, such as simply reaching for your toes or stretching your arm to one side, can help release both tension and lethargy. As you become more comfortable, you can move to a more complex stretching routine.

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Simply reaching for your toes can help release both tension and lethargy / PicHelp

2. Hydrate yourself.

When you need to become more alert, it’s one way your brain is telling you it is dehydrated. There are different ways to hydrate yourself:

  • Drink eight ounces of water eight times a day, which is equivalent to two liters. This method is known as 8 by 8 and is definitely easy to remember.
  • Replacing the fluid you lose is also a good way to hydrate yourself. It is estimated that an average adult loses one liter of fluid every day through various activities, including breathing, sweating, and urinating. If you sweat and urinate excessively, you should drink enough to replace all that fluid you have lost throughout the day.
  • You can also talk to your doctor about the recommended amount of liquid to consume, which will mostly depend on your weight, gender, age, and other special needs.

3. Take more vitamin B supplements.

Vitamin B complex can help your body break down the food you eat, so the nutrients are absorbed better. The best B vitamins for mental and physical alertness are B6 and B12 in which deficiencies can easily cause you to become fatigued and unable to focus. You can buy supplements or you can get them from natural sources, such as nuts, eggs, fortified grains, and lean meats.

Other means of starting your day without caffeine include consuming more herbs and spices, such as ginseng, cayenne pepper, ginger root, and guarana.