Blackcurrant from New Zealand, also known as blackadder, is the hottest superfood for the brain these days. Research has proven that this fruit is capable of keeping the mind young and alert.

This discovery may be helpful for those who need help in managing mental decline problems, especially for older people. Blackcurrants are also associated with more benefits for those who have mental conditions that include depression and Parkinson’s disease as they regulate serotonin and dopamine production in the brain.

The study was performed on 36 adults who were divided into groups. One group drank 250mL of blackcurrant juice, while another group took a placebo drink. They consumed either the juice or the placebo before a series of mental performance tests. Those who drank the blackadder juice had improved mood and attention. They also saw a decrease in mental fatigue.

Once you go Black Currant, you can never go back / PicHelp
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Once you go Black Currant, you can never go back / PicHelp

This is an exciting finding as it demonstrates the benefits of blackcurrant consumption particularly for those who aim to improve their mental performance. While there are different varieties of blackcurrants, the study displays that the one from New Zealand has the highest levels of polyphenols and other compounds that can aid the brain to perform better in both young and older people.