A UK survey showed that women change their hairstyles around 150 times throughout their life. The change does not just involve cutting hair, but also coloring hair.

In fact, another survey revealed that about 19% of US households used products for hair coloring back in 2015. These days, you can dye your own hair at home using products that are easy to use.

But unfortunately, 96% of the products are considered unsafe for people, especially lactating and pregnant women. Some also have negative side effects after using, such as itching and headaches.

Additionally, using chemical dyes regularly can weaken the hair, which can result to hair loss. Instead of using products with additives, here are natural alternatives that can dye your hair without affecting its health:

1. Darker Hair

Coffee can help darken your hair by simply brewing two cups of coffee. The first cup will be used to color your hair. Of course, you should let it cool first before you apply on your hair. It’s better to shower first before you use the beverage on your hair. Let it sit there for about an hour. While waiting, mix the other cup of coffee with two cups of conditioner (leave-in variety) plus two tablespoons of coffee grounds. Use strong coffee for best results and rinse with apple cider vinegar for longer-lasting effect.

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Coffee can help darken your hair / PicHelp

2. Red Tints

If you want to add red tints on your natural hair color, beet juice is effective. You can combine this with carrot juice if you want. Just apply the juice onto your hair and leave it there for an hour.

3. Blonde

If you want to go a little blonde, use chamomile tea and stay in the sun for a bit. You can also try marigold, saffron, calendula, or sunflower petals for your hair.

4. Highlights

Freshly squeezed lemon juice can help you get hair highlights without going to the salon. Just spray onto your hair brush and start brushing your hair. Don’t wash your hair for at least two hours. You can sit in the sun if you like to lighten your hair. If you already have blonde hair, add chamomile tea so that the results become noticeable.

The treatments above may not act as quickly as the DIY coloring products you can buy in stores. For instance, lemon juice may require you to keep applying more than once to see the results. However, you can be sure that they are all safe and will not damage your hair.

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