If you’re looking for a drink that could change your thirst, but is not water or a sugary drink, here is something in between: coconut water. This juice from coconuts is refreshing and healthy unlike sodas, but does not have the plain taste of water. It has great benefits that will make you choose it over other drinks:

1. Good for Weight Loss

Compared to other beverages (except water of course), coconut water has extremely low fat content. You can drink as much as you want without featuring that you will pack on pounds. What makes this a great way to combine with your diet is that it can help suppress your appetite. You can even feel full for a much longer time when you drink it.

2. Good for the Skin

If you have blemishes on your face, such as acne, you can drink water from coconuts regularly. In addition to consuming the liquid, you can also apply it topically. This can provide benefits that include clearing your skin, while toning it. Coconut water can even help moisturize your skin, especially when you consume it daily. It can help eliminate oiliness of the skin as well, which is why it is commonly used as a home remedy for some skin problems.

3. Good for Digestion

People who have a problem during and after eating have a digestion problem. Coconut water can provide relief because of its high amounts of fiber. This nutrient has the ability to prevent indigestion and can even cure people who have chronic acid reflux.

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Coconut water is so effective at keeping the body hydrated / PicHelp

4. Good for Hydration

Coconut water is so effective at keeping the body hydrated. In fact, it is much better than consuming sports or energy drinks. Whether you are an athlete or you will simply train at the gym, make sure you drink coconut water after the activity. Any rigorous activity, especially for an extended period of time can cause the body to lose fluids that contain minerals. Coconut water has almost 295mg potassium along with 5mg natural sugars for every glass. Compared to commercial drinks, the potassium content is twice as much and the sugar in the drink is five times less than any sugary drink.

5. Good for Hypertension

Because of electrolytes loss when we sweat, hypertension or high blood pressure may result. Coconut water is a great source of electrolytes. Start your day with coconut water to make sure your electrolyte levels are balanced and therefore keeping your blood pressure in check.

Coconut water contains minerals as well, such as calcium manganese, magnesium, zinc, and iron. In fact, it even beats other fruit juices, including oranges.