Kale is now considered one of the healthiest veggies around and many healthy eaters call this the new beef. You are probably wondering whether or not this is true as well as the reasons behind this claim. To satisfy your curiosity, here are the traits of this green vegetable that makes it even healthier than beef:

1. Kale has higher amounts of iron. Many people think that vegetarians are low on iron, which is why they are often called anemic. The truth is more people who eat beef have iron deficiency. For every calorie of kale, you get more iron than beef, so add this to your diet to gain more iron in your body.

2. Kale has more fiber and also contains protein. Fiber is considered a macronutrient, which denotes that this is something that our body needs daily. However, many people prefer beef over veggies, which is why they do not get enough fiber in their diet. If you eat kale, this can give you five percent of the recommended daily fiber intake and even give you two grams of protein.

3. Kale has more calcium content than milk. Both beef and dairy have calcium, but you can see from the statistics that US has some of the highest numbers of patients with bone problems, including osteoporosis and bone loss. To solve this, kale can give you more calcium for every calorie it has than with milk. Additionally, the calcium it contains is easier for the body to digest than the one from dairy.

4. Kale is rich in essential omega fats. You may have already known how important omega fatty acids are to your health. Instead of indulging in beef that has high amounts of saturated fat, one serving of this vegetable can give you 121 milligrams of omega 3 while giving you almost 95 milligrams of omega 6.

5. Kale is an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation can cause heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and arthritis among others. Usually this is triggered when you consume many animal products. Substitute those animal products with kale to prevent inflammation and enjoy better health.

6. Kale gives you immunity. Aside from being anti-inflammatory, kale can boost your immune system better than beef can. It can protect you from getting infections because it contains flavonoid antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It also contains carotenoid, which helps in strengthening your immune system as well.

Kale can grow within 55 to 60 days unlike cows that are raised for beef, which need at least 18 months to mature. Additionally, you can plant kale in almost any part of the world, regardless of the climate, making this a sustainable vegetable that can give you more benefits than beef.