There’s no substitute for being hard working as you exercise consistently to build muscle and lose fat. But we all want to speed things up just a little bit.

The human growth hormone (HGH) is found in many steroids and is commonly used by athletes. What most people don’t know is that you can enhance your HGH without using injections, talking to doctors, or even side effects that usually come with steroid use.

Without further ado, here are natural ways to increase the growth hormone:

1. Carb Backloading

An eating style invented by John Keifer, a physicist, carb backloading is a diet in which:

  • You have a light breakfast or you can skip it if you want.
  • Eat early in the afternoon.
  • Eat a lot at night.
  • Have little or if possible, no carbs until you exercise, which should be around 5PM.
  • Eat as much carbs as you can throughout the evening.

2. Laugh Out Loud

A 1989 study showed that men who laughed a lot had up to 87% increase in HGH.

3. Detoxification

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Cleaning your liver increases your growth hormone levels / PicHelp

Detoxing refers to cleaning your liver, so that it can function at its best. At the same time, this process also increases your growth hormone levels. HGH passes through your liver first and when this organ works properly, it is much easier for it to convert the hormone into insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1, so your body can use it immediately.

4. Weight Loss

In general, if you have high amounts of fat in the body, this means that you have high levels of insulin as well. The excess insulin can prevent the production of the growth hormone.

5. Fasting

There is a misconception that eating a lot can cause you to grow. However, the University of Virginia researchers discovered that HGH significantly grew – 2000% more – after the participants started fasting.

6. Strength Training

This type of workout can help increase your HGH significantly, while it also boosts your testosterone. Other intense exercises also help the HGH production. But among the exercises around, squatting is considered the best way to enhance HGH numbers.

7. Sleep

The growth hormone is mostly produced when we sleep, particularly during the REM stage. There have been a number of studies that showed longer sleeping can improve growth hormone production.

You will notice that the growth hormone is indeed easy to manipulate. While there are injections that can drastically improve your HGH, these natural ways are inexpensive, safer, and much easier to do.