Many people think that nectarines are peaches. That’s understandable since both came from China. However, they differ in many ways including how they look: nectarines are smoother than peaches.

Regardless, nectarines are just as healthy as peaches because:

They can already give you the energy you need.

Everybody goes through a daily slump, a time of the day when all we want is to lie down, sleep, or make the world go by more slowly. If you’re looking for a healthy pick-me-up, go for nectarines instead that a cup of coffee or worse a greasy snack.

Nectarines already contain 62 calories if you choose the medium size. But the good thing is that it’s also rich in dietary fiber, so you are less likely to feel the sugar spike even if you’ve eaten something sweet.

They can protect your vision.

Many seniors experience age-related macular degeneration (AMD), in which the eyes start to lose their central vision. There are also times when the vision gets damaged due to insufficiency in vitamins and minerals.

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Is it an apple? Is it a peach? Nope. It’s nectarine! / PicHelp

Nectarines have plenty of antioxidants, especially beta carotenes. These types of antioxidants are then later converted into vitamin A by the body, which then helps take care of the nerves of the eyes and overall vision.

If that isn’t enough, since you’re getting the vitamin from the fruit, not from the supplement, the chance of developing vitamin toxicity is low. The body converts only the amount it needs.

They are necessary for overall wellness.

There’s certainly a good reason why you are always advised to take vitamin C. It is responsible for several functions such as wound healing, protection of the arteries and blood vessels, and maintenance of collagen fibers. One nectarine can already give you almost 10 mg of vitamin C.

They can help you fight against metabolic syndrome.

Obesity is more than a weight problem. It is related to metabolic syndromes that increase the risk of diabetes and heart disorder.

Based on a study performed by Texas AgriLife Research and a release the group published in its website, stone fruits such as nectarines have phenolic compounds that can reduce chronic inflammation and prevent the damage caused by bad cholesterol.