Many restaurants are now telling the consumers about the amount of calories the food in their menu contains. Unfortunately, while some may unintentionally make a mistake with the calorie content, not all of them are honest. In the end, you are fooled into thinking you are sticking with your calorie intake, but you actually wind up eating more.

Here are the foods that have more calories than you think according to the researchers from Tufts University:

• Brown rice from P.F. Chang – In the menu, this has 190 calories, but in truth, this food actually contains 2.5 times more or 477 calories.

• Cranberry Pecan Salad from Bob Evans – According to the restaurant’s menu, this food item has 672 calories. Unfortunately, this has 1,223 calories or 1.8 times more than what’s advertised.

• Chips and Salsa from On the Border – The menu calorie count for this food item is only 430 calories. You may want to think twice about ordering this for your meal as it actually has 3.5 times more or 1,511 calories.

• Chicken and Gnocchi Soup from Olive Garden – Don’t believe that this only has 250 calories, because in fact, this has 500 calories.

Aside from the ones listed above, here are more foods that you may think have fewer calories than what they really do:

• Ranch Dressing – Just one tablespoon of this contains 145 calories. When you order a salad, you may think that you are actually eating something that will stop you from gaining weight. The average salad can have as much as five tablespoons of dressing, so you get 725 calories as you eat.

• Quinoa – Many dieters think this has lower calories than rice. Bad news though: one cup of quinoa can give you 222 calories where brown rice only has 218 calories per cup.

• Chia Seeds – Chia seeds are quite popular these days, especially because they have a ton of health benefits. However, a tablespoon of these seeds already have 70 calories. When you add this to your cereal or smoothie, you may not realize you are getting at least 200 calories and this number will surely not aid you in your weight loss plans.

• Dark Chocolate – Just like chia seeds, dark chocolates are also nutritious. However, this delicious treat can easily cause you to get addicted to it. There are bars that can give you more than 600 calories. To be on the safe side, one inch square for every day is enough to satisfy your dark chocolate cravings. You may want to avoid eating too much of this type of chocolate at night because it can leave you with more energy.

You don’t have to avoid these foods altogether. Just knowing the right amount of calories they contain can help you keep track of your calorie intake, so you don’t stray away from your weight loss strategy.


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