According to the US Food and Drug (FDA), drinking raw milk is like a death sentence. But the study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology says otherwise, especially when it comes to strengthening the immune system. The study discovered that raw milk may have the following benefits:

  • Prevent colds
  • Stop viruses from spreading and causing diseases
  • Prevent respiratory tract infections, especially in kids

Meanwhile, conventional milk, according to the study, has little or no benefits, particularly when it comes to the immune system. A group of researchers, along with other medical professionals from many parts of Europe investigated how raw milk affects our bodies. They also examined whether commercial processed milk and boiled fresh milk from the farm had more benefits to us than raw milk.

They studied a group of pregnant women who were in their third trimester. Their milk drinking habits were also evaluated and at the end of the study, raw milk in its pure form is better than conventional milk when it comes to nutrition that boosts the immune system.

Why is Raw Milk Superior?

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Raw milk is much like breast milk, which has protective health benefits for children / PicHelp

The research discovered that raw milk is much like breast milk, which has protective health benefits for children. These properties allow the children to avoid infections. Compared to commercial milk that has been highly processed, raw milk contains lower amounts of C-reactive protein, which is the protein linked to inflammation. In other words, raw milk doesn’t support inflammation, unlike processed milk that may actually promote disorders because of the altered proteins.

How About Ultra-Heat-Treated Commercial Milk?

Ultra-heat-treated (UHT) commercial milk is considered the most commonly available milk product today. Unfortunately, the study discovered that the C-reactive protein in this type of milk is high, too. In fact, consumption of UHT milk products can actually increase prevalence of infections, specifically fevers. Compared to pasteurized, boiled, and raw milk, raw milk impressed the researchers with its ability to reduce risk of ear infections up to 86%.

High levels of the C-reactive protein can increase the risk of obesity, which is probably why milk and other commercial dairy products are associated with excess weight. The protein can also cause respiratory ailments, such as asthma and may even cause cardiovascular disease. However, some contributing factors may increase infection risk, such as having an older sibling who has infections and those who live on the farm.

The study aims to relieve the public of its worries when it comes to consuming raw milk. In fact, you can even give raw milk to young children, so their immunity is bolstered.