Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are now everywhere, including in the food you eat. Even those that are labeled “natural” as well as those that come from nature are no longer deemed safe. They not only use names that can confuse you, but they are also quite expensive, which can fool you to believing they are better than their counterparts.

Without further ado, here are the companies that you should stop supporting in order to fight obscure GMO labeling:

1. Unilever: This company donated $467,000 to combat GMO labeling. Other subsidiaries to avoid are Knorr, Salada, and Ben & Jerry’s.

2. Kraft: Kraft spent more than $550,000 to hide the fact that some of their products are laden with GMOs. Under this company, you should also stop buying products from the following:

  • Snapple
  • South Beach
  • Triscuit
  • Nabisco
  • Back to Nature

3. Kellogg’s: In a lab test, it was discovered that Kellogg’s makes use of purely GMO corn and nothing else in their breakfast cereal as well as their other products. The company also paid a total of $632,000 to support those that are against GMO labeling. Some of the other brand names to avoid under Kellogg’s are:

  • Muslix
  • Bear Naked
  • Nutrigrain
  • Kashi
  • Morningstar Farm

4. General Mills: This company stressed that they do not use GMO ingredients in their Cheerios. Yet the CEO stated that he sees no reason for the government to stop using ingredients that come from biotech crops. To show their support against GMO labeling, they donated $908,200. Aside from Cheerios, more brands to avoid under General Mills include:

  • Cascadian Farms
  • Nature Valley
  • Gold Medal Organic
  • Larabar
  • Food Should Taste Good
  • Fiber One

5. Nestle: This behemoth puts genetically modified organisms in baby food. If that is not reason enough to avoid this company, it may be hard to convince you. Nestle or Gerber Co uses maltodextrin, soy lecithin, and soybean oil – all of which are genetically modified – in infant formulas. Plus, they also have corn syrup that comes from crops that have been altered scientifically. Nestle also donated as much as $1.1 million dollars to keep consumers in the dark about GMO products.

6. PepsiCo: This company must have hated GMO labeling so much that it donated almost $2.3 million dollars. Subsidiaries to boycott include the following:

  • Miss Vickie’s
  • Aquafina
  • Dole
  • Tropicana
  • Mirinda
  • Quaker
  • Ocean Spray

Out of all the food companies you should avoid, there is one name that you should completely stay away from and that’s Monsanto. This company donated more than $4.7 million to make sure consumers in Colorado do not know their products contain GMOs. Additionally, they also said no to GMO labeling in Oregon by donating $4.8 million.