We live in a world where many women feel the pressure to look and stay as young as possible for much longer time. Unfortunately, the pressure usually leads many women to choose a drastic path, including plastic surgery. While some procedures do work, there are many who suffer from the bad outcome. There are even procedures that are dangerous, leaving women in regret about their desperate move.

Good news though: there are ways on how to look younger without trying too hard. In fact, George Clooney, the Hollywood heartthrob who is over 50 years old, shares that it’s not about looking young, but looking the best you can at your age. So here’s how you can age gracefully, just like those who stay “forever young”:

Avoid Stress

It’s no secret that stress can contribute to aging. You don’t want to look old because of your problems, because your looks will soon add to your worries. Try to relax as often as possible. When things get to you, breathe deeply and think positive.

Workouts are for Health, Not for Body Shape

You will be old, but it doesn't mean you need to be unhealthy / PicHelp
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You will be old, but it doesn’t mean you need to be unhealthy / PicHelp

Many people turn to cardio because it can speed up weight loss. While such exercises are good, you shouldn’t forget about strength training, which are a must as you get older. When you hit the 30s, you begin to lose your muscle mass, so it is important to build and maintain your muscles. Do some resistance and strength training to stay strong, while keeping your body younger looking.

Curiosity Can’t Kill You; In Fact, It Will Make You Look Younger

Be more adventurous if you want to age gracefully. Don’t be afraid to try new things and break out of your comfort zone. This will make your life more interesting to you and you will look forward to living it every day. What’s even better is that engaging in new activities does not just keep your appearance and body young, but also your mind, so you can take advantage of better memory.

Choose Natural

While you may need to wear makeup on some occasions, it is always a bad idea to overdo it. Sure, it is tempting, but instead of trying to cover up your imperfections, enhance your best features. This is what your purpose of applying makeup should be.

As you age, you will definitely have those fine lines and wrinkles. Learn to accept that you will not remain youthful all your life. No matter how frequently you dye your hair, the grays will come out. Instead of covering up the signs of aging, embrace them, be confident, and love yourself for who you are.