If eggs are a usual part of your mornings, it easily becomes a routine to crack and scramble them. On the other hand, poaching can make you feel like a frustrated chef wannabe. But cooking your eggs doesn’t have to be too much work.

These egg hacks will make your life so much easier, giving you topnotch taste and quality without much sweat:

1. How to Crack Your Eggs

Instead of cracking on bowls or corners, turn to a flat surface, such as your tabletop and crack your egg there. This technique is so much healthier as it reduces food contamination while keeping broken egg shells to a minimum.

If there are broken egg shells though, use half of the egg shell to get rid of the broken pieces. Observe how easy it is now to scoop up the tiny pieces.

2. How to Poach an Egg

If you have been trying to produce a perfectly poached egg, but it’s difficult to keep the egg in one piece, add a bit of vinegar as the water simmers. This will solve your problem. Make sure that you only use fresh eggs because they hold their shape so much better than older eggs. To test if it is fresh, place the egg in a bowl with cold water. It should lay flat at the bottom, but if it floats, throw it away.

3. How to Have an Impeccably Circular Fried Egg

Make your fried eggs sandwich ready by frying them inside an onion ring. Use a half an inch ring, place it in a pan, and then crack the egg inside it. A good alternative is a bell pepper ring.

4. What to Do with a Boiled Egg

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We got some crazy egg cooking hacks for you. Go loco with it / PicHelp

If you don’t like peeling those hard boiled eggs, here is a much easier way. Use a glass or a bowl that has a cover, add a bit of water and the eggs, and then cover them. Shake the container for a minute or two. After that, you will see the eggs are almost shell-less, so you can easily pinch them off. Another way is to simply cut through the egg with a knife and you use a spoon to remove the shell.

5. How to Make a Golden Egg

This is simply a hard-boiled egg, but you can surprise other people because all they see is a yellow egg after taking the shell off. The secret is simply to use an old shirt. Place the egg in the shirt’s sleeve and secure both sides with a string or rubber band. Start spinning the egg the egg around and boil it after.

Whether you want a fancy boiled egg or you want to have a poached egg that stays together, use the tips above to make your breakfast more egg-cellent.