Coconut oil is one of the most useful oils in the world. For centuries, it has been known as a part of beauty regime and for home cleaning as well. With more research, it has been discovered that coconut oil can actually help people become healthier. Here are the top 77 uses of this wonder oil:

For Your Hair

• Coconut oil can be used as a hair conditioner without the need to pay for expensive treatment or product.

• Remove frizz and flyaways with just a bit of coconut oil into your hair.

• Massage coconut oil into your scalp to help you in getting rid of dandruff.

• For those with lice, use coconut oil, which is a good remedy for these parasites. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar first then apply the coconut oil once the hair dries.

For Your Skin

• Brighten up your skin by combining coconut oil with baking soda. This solution can exfoliate your skin.

• Mix with brown sugar or salt and a drop of your favorite essential oil. You can use this solution as a body scrub.

• Soak in a tub with coconut oil to have moisturized skin.

• Since it moisturizes your skin, you don’t have to buy moisturizer anymore. It also dries quickly, but still gives you baby-smooth skin.

• As a moisturizer, you don’t have to worry about your skin when you shave. In fact, you can use coconut oil whenever you get a close shave and this will not result to drying up your skin.

• Sunburns are nasty, but coconut oil has refreshing properties that soothe sunburns while reducing peeling.

• If you have eczema flare-ups, you can try coconut oil to quiet them down. Coconut oil not only moisturizes skin, but also has anti-inflammatory properties to relieve you from itch and skin irritation.

• Coconut oil also prevents chafing. If you already have an affected area, you can rub coconut oil to it with calendula to feel better. For babies with diaper rash, add coconut oil to their diaper cream.

• Massage your skin with this oil to feel more relaxed. You can also add a drop of essential oil.

• Remove light cuts and scratches with coconut oil, which can work as a barrier to keep the harmful bacteria and dust away from the wounds.

• Relieve the itching you get after getting bitten by a bug with coconut oil.

• If you have bruises, apply coconut oil to the area to reduce the swelling.

For Your Face

• You can use coconut oil as a face mask by mixing it with honey. Leave the mask for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

• Smooth coconut oil into your dry, chapped lips and they will instantly be hydrated.

• If there’s just a bit of lipstick left and you can’t find the same tint yet, just melt the remaining product using coconut oil.

• You can use coconut oil as a makeup remover. It is effective and does not harm your skin. Just rub into your face and wipe with a warm cloth. This can even help remove your stubborn dark eye makeup.

• Keep your makeup brushes clean and bacteria-free. Wash them at least once a week with coconut oil mixed with antibacterial dish soap.

• Coconut oil also helps in removing acne. Add this oil to your skin care routine, particularly at night where you cleanse your face and then apply the oil before going to bed.

• Coconut oil is your cheapest method for combating the signs of aging. This oil can help minimize your face lines and wrinkles and it is safe to use around the eyes.

• If your eyelashes are thinning out or you simply want to enhance them, apply coconut oil to your lashes before you go to sleep.

For Other Beauty Purposes

• Brush your teeth with baking soda and coconut oil in place of your regular toothbrush to whiten your teeth.

• If you have a retainer or a mouth guard, use coconut oil to clean these dental accessories.

• Remove body odor by applying coconut oil to your armpits. Its lauric acid kills bacteria that give you stinky sweat.

• If your feet are cracked, dry, and don’t smell good, use coconut oil as this can exfoliate your feet and get rid of the odor through its antibacterial properties. You can also add a drop of tea tree oil when applying coconut oil to your feet.

• After waxing and you find there is still stubborn wax left on your legs, use coconut oil to get rid of the excess wax.

• Treat dry, crumbly cuticles with coconut oil by rubbing the oil into your nails.

For Your Leather and Wooden Surfaces

• Wipe coconut oil to your leather surfaces to give them a shinier look.

• From your wooden spoons to your wooden furniture, you can use coconut oil to clean them. Don’t forget to let the oil dry before using the newly glossy surfaces.

• As you take care of your guitar, you can trust coconut oil to condition and moisten your guitar strings.

• A leather jacket or pants that do not have the shine it should have can be repaired by applying some coconut oil in the apparel.

For Cleaning

• If you find hard-to-remove gum stuck on any surface, use coconut oil to remove it. This also works if gum is on the carpet or your hair.

• Cleaning the shower or tub may require you to use harsh chemicals. Here’s an alternative: use coconut oil.

• If you are going to clean metal items, you can use coconut oil. Bronze can have a much deeper color when you use this oil. For removing rust, you can also count on coconut oil.

For Food and Cooking

• Your cast iron pans, skillets, and pots are not blessed with nonstick surface. Before cooking, prep your cookware with coconut oil.

• Before you bake, you should add some coconut oil to your pans as well, particularly at the bottom and the sides.

• Instead of using sugar and honey on your coffee or tea, add coconut oil.

• You can create your own nut butter by blending coconut oil, fresh nuts, and flavoring ingredients.

• If you need to stir fry some veggies or any kind of food that requires high heat when cooking, use coconut oil. This oil does not emit free radicals and has a high smoke point as well.

• When baking, add coconut oil to your pie or biscuits instead of butter or shortening.

• Coconut oils can also be used as salad dressings.

• You can make your own granola bars with coconut oil to get that oat-nut flavor.

• You may be used to butter as a partner for your toast, but you should replace this with coconut oil as it is less fatty and so much healthier than butter.

• Add coconut oil to your smoothie to get an energy boost.

• If you will be making some popcorn, cook them in coconut oil rather than vegetable oil to make them taste sweeter.

• One spoon of coconut oil alone can give you a ton of benefits.

For Repairs, Maintenance, and DIY

• If your doors squeak whenever you open or close them, you can add coconut oil to the hinges to silence the noise.

• A broken zipper can be fixed when you coat it with coconut oil.

• Kitchen appliances or electronics with motors can benefit from your attention and coconut oil application as well. This oil can be used to lubricate the motors, so they will continue running without problems.

• You don’t have to use a lighter fluid to start a fire. Coconut oil-soaked cotton balls can do the trick.

For Your Pets

• Cats that keep scratching can cause their hair to fall. Use coconut oil and apply to your cat’s paws, so they will slide easily whenever your pet is trying to hack up their fur.

• If your pet still likes to scratch his hair, here’s another way that you can use coconut oil for your cat or dog. Use the oil to relieve itchiness, but make sure to go to vet if the scratching persists.

• Just like human hair, your pet’s fur will benefit from the conditioning effects of coconut oil.

• You can also use coconut oil as a supplement for your pet when it comes to his health and diet. Add a bit of coconut oil to his food to protect your furry friend against ligament problems, including arthritis. Plus, this can also remove bad breath.

For Your Health

• Oil pulling with coconut oil can be good for your mouth. Plus, it can improve your overall well-being when done regularly.

• Have a healthier immune system by using coconut oil regularly into your diet.

• Sore throats no longer have to be a problem when you swallow coconut oil. You can also add this to your tea if consuming coconut oil does not appeal to you.

• Coconut oil can be used as a lubricant, but remember it can weaken latex condoms.

• You can use coconut oil as part of your aromatherapy. Massage it to your temples to get rid of stress.

• If you have cold sores, rub coconut oil around your lips, which can be very beneficial since it has some antiviral properties.

• Many people claim that coconut oil has helped them deal with yeast infection. Whether you want to apply it topically or ingest it, make sure you talk to your doctor first.

• Your high cholesterol levels don’t make you feel good. Consume some coconut oil to increase your HDL cholesterol levels, which can lead to a healthier heart.

• If you have some stomach problems, you can use coconut oil to relieve you from the symptoms. Coconut oil is also believed to prevent ulcers.

• For those who are not feeling well with their flu, use coconut oil to decongest. You can also add the oil to your vapor rub or to tea tree oil and rosemary oil.

• Never be bitten by insects again. Use coconut oil whenever you are out of the house or even when you are inside to protect yourself against bug bites.

• If you have an ear infection, coconut oil can be applied behind your ear.

• You can also clean your ears using coconut oil to get rid of earwax.

• If you often suffer from nosebleeds, you can use coconut oil to stop this from happening again. Nosebleeds are generally caused by dry, inflamed nostrils. Apply coconut oil with your finger into the inside of your nose to prevent nosebleeds.

• For women who are having trouble breastfeeding, they can use coconut oil to relieve cracked nipples and get rid of pain when they feed their baby.

• For those who want to lose weight, coconut oil actually helps in boosting metabolism through the fats in it called medium chain saturated fats.

• Coconut oil can help you fight obesity as it has fewer calories, so consume it daily for best results.

• You can have healthier bones with the help of coconut oil because it can boost your body’s absorption of magnesium and calcium.

• Coconut oil can also reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s. This oil comes with ketones, which are considered the foods for the brain. Using coconut oil can keep your brain functioning and can help boost your memory.

While coconut oil is definitely not a cure-all, it does provide a ton of benefits for your skin, health, home, and even your pets.