Many people complain about how costly it is to eat organic fruits and vegetables, which is why they go for cheap processed and junk foods instead. But the health benefits can easily outweigh the price. Aside from that, you can’t compare the taste of meals and snacks that use fresh produce with frozen or canned versions.

The problem with fruits and vegetables is that they can go bad easily. Prevent them from spoiling with these strategies:

For Fruits

1. Bananas: Prevent bananas from getting soft and mushy by using plastic wraps around their tops. The reason for this is because bananas emit gas known as ethylene to be ripe and it is released in the stems. Wrap the stems with plastic wraps to slow down the ripening process, reduce the ethylene emission, and keep them fresh.

2. Apples: Use a plastic bag if you’re going to store your apples in the fridge. This fruit also emits ethylene and using the bag can prevent them from going bad quickly.

3. Avocados: Preferably, store this fruit in room temperature for about a week or until they are ripe. If it is ripe or is soft to the touch, move to the fridge where you can keep it for one more week.

4. Raspberries: If your raspberries often turn moldy, wash them with vinegar before you place them inside the refrigerator. The same thing can be applied to other berries, such as strawberries and blueberries. Using vinegar to wash them can kill the bacteria and keep the fruits fresher for longer.

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They are more delicious and healthy when they fresh, so keep them that way / PicHelp

For Vegetables

1. Celery: Celery can become rubbery over a short period of time. Stop this from happening by using aluminum foil to wrap around them and place the greens inside the refrigerator. This method will prevent air from reaching the vegetable and keep the moisture in. Celery, like bananas, also emits ethylene and wrapping with the foil can slow down the ripening process.

2. Lettuce: Surely, you don’t want to eat limp lettuce, so put some paper towels at the bottom of the crisper drawer of your fridge. This will prevent the lettuce leaves from going bad in just a few days. The method saves the vegetables from moisture that can result to a softer texture.

3. Potatoes: Keeping potatoes for a longer time may result to them sprouting. To prevent this from happening, throw some apples with them. Some people say this is not an effective method though. If it does not work, simply put them in a cool, dry place where moisture and sunlight cannot reach them.

Now you do not have to worry about your organic food from spoiling or going bad, thanks to the handy tips above.